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AgeSong believes that care and love is the primary force behind a life worth living.

AgeSong views our differences as a way to deepen our awareness of our amazing diversity.

Being present allows two people to deeply encounter each other.

Seeing the beauty of elders in front of us allows us to accept our own aging.

Elders teach us “acceptance of what is” rather than “displeasure of what is not.”

AgeSong recognizes the final stanza of each person’s life poem is that of eldership.

AgeSong believes that memory and cognition form only a small part of what make us human.

At AgeSong we appreciate the world that opens up to us through people with forgetfulness.

AgeSong celebrates our differences in the world.

Elders teach us to accept that our own aging might include a dosage of forgetfulness.

The AgeSong Story

AgeSong is the leading eldercare lifestyle provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. AgeSong enables residents to customize their lifestyle based on personal preference, religious affiliation, and medical needs. Care choices range from short-term rehabilitation to permanent residence.  

AgeSong’s fundamental belief is that through providing elders with the opportunity to live a balanced lifestyle, elders can be who they truly are. In paying attention to the needs of the individual and of the community, AgeSong offers complete lifestyle options including balanced nutritional selections, mental health and physical fitness programs, engagement activities, and continued learning and teaching opportunities. 

What Makes AgeSong Special?

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The AgeSong Story
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Elders are an integral part of our society. They are sought out for their knowledge, life experience and wisdom and need to feel valued and to be accessible. This attitude supports the role we call ‘eldership’.

Eldership refers to the attitude of a person who has qualities of an elder. These qualities are of ageless nature and have endured the test of time. As such, they provide our culture with a compass, a guide to living. AgeSong’s vision is to promote such eldership and help re-establish its role in our societies.

To help make this vision possible, AgeSong establishes and maintains eldercare communities where elders are understood as our teachers. They teach us to care, love, and live a rich and meaningful life, to help us grow into future elders. As such, from the perspective of a life lived, elders help us stay focused on what matters in life.

Our Community

AgeSong WoodPark

Oakland, CA

Learn More About WoodPark

The AgeSong WoodPark community is set in a neighborhood of charming single family homes in Oakland’s diverse, evolving Fruitvale district. Our expansive one-story residence offers a warmly decorated, sunlit environment, set within numerous spacious residential wings accommodating 86 residents. The many common rooms and dining areas throughout the building offer inviting gathering places for residents and their guests.

Look Inside AgeSong

These videos give a unique behind-the-scenes look at the training that goes on at the AgeSong communities to ensure the latest humanistic, multi-disciplinary, and relational care methods are practiced within the communities.

Want to see more? View more videos in the AgeSong Video Library on the AgeSong Today blog.

The AgeSong Vision

This AgeSong Vision training video is a great introduction to the inner workings of AgeSong and how the AgeSong Vision fosters the AgeSong Exceptional Assisted Living experience for both residents and staff.

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CarePartners at AgeSong

Nader Shabahangi talks to the incoming Pacific Institute GeroWellness interns about the CarePartnering program used in hte AgeSong communities and the difference between carepartnering at AgeSong and caregiving found in more traditional models.

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Nourishment and Relational Care

Janna covers the AgeSong Nourishment program, how it plays a part in the AgeSong vision, eldercare and in the lives of the residents. She discusses the importance of relational care and how this is an opportunity for residents to make “choices” for their meals.

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Elders as Our Teachers

At AgeSong we view Elders as our Teachers. We work to re-vision how we view the residents. If residents feel viewed as teachers, they also feel valued and they also have a purpose. They can help us become deeper, more grounded, more centered, more caring and more compassionate people.

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Conversation on "Forgetfulness" vs Dementia

In this roundtable we look at the phenomena called dementia and how it is becoming more medicalized and more stigmatized. At AgeSong the emphasis is less on the biomedical diagnosis and more on recognizing human differences and individual needs when it comes to caring for those with “forgetfulness.”

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What Does Therapy at AgeSong Look Like?

Being “heard” can make a person feel that therapy “works” for them. In the communities we have elders who do not speak, do not hear well or do not seem “aware” in the same way we would understand the term. The therapeutic moment in these situations can be more than a conversation, it is an engagement. “Being heard” is more about acceptance for who you are and acceptance is an important foundational tenet at AgeSong.

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Clinical Director at AgeSong

Nader Shabahangi, Ph.D.

Nader received his Doctorate from Stanford University, is a licensed psychotherapist, and is cofounder of AgeSong. His multicultural background has fueled his passion for becoming an advocate for marginalized groups and for creating programs with the purpose of caring more comprehensively for elders. As Clinical Director at AgeSong he manages intern supervision and oversees all resident issues of a clinical nature. At AgeSong the mental health care programs employ a humanistic-existential, process oriented approach to working with individuals in general and elders specifically. 

In 1992, Nader also founded the Pacific Institute, a nonprofit organization that defines its mission as one of helping elders live meaningful lives. Nader is a frequent guest lecturer, including presenting at international conferences focusing on aging, counseling, and dementia. In 2003 he authored Faces of Aging, a book challenging stereotypical views of the aging process and of growing old. In 2008 he co-authored Deeper Into the Soul, a book aimed at de-stigmatizing and broadening our understanding of dementia. In 2009 he co-authored Conversations With Ed, a book challenging readers to look at dementia in different ways. In 2011 he published Elders Today, a photo and text book that cherishes aging and old age as a most desirable phase of our lives. Celebrating the intergenerational dialogue between young and old, Nader edited and published Encounters of the Real Kind in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Each edition of this book is a collection of stories and anecdotes that pay tribute to the deep and life-changing encounters between elders and those learning to become elders.


“I want to also thank you for the excellent care you have provided (and continue to provide) my friend, as well as the other residents at AgeSong. I can highly recommend AgeSong to everyone based upon the excellent care I have observed and from the personal experiences of my friend. Thank you. You have wonderful staff and provide exemplary care and assistance for some very difficult seniors and others with disabilities.”

— Hadley, Friend of Resident

“My mom, Margaret, has been here a little over 1 year. I’ve been impressed with how much attention and kindness the carepartners-and all staff-have shown my mom. And really appreciate all the varied activities for the residents and family. The music, the crafts, the games-all very engaging and fun. And I appreciate the respect show to the elders- really quite wonderful.” 

nbsp;   — Dania, Family Member

I cannot begin to say enough good things about Hayes Valley Care and all the associates working there. My sister has lived there for about 6 years and she has grown to think of everyone there as part of her extended family. She has enjoyed the family atmosphere, activities, outings, and care she experiences at Hayes Valley Care. It gives me great comfort and peace of mind knowing she is happy and taken care of so well. Thank you Hayes Valley Care!

                                                            — Pam, Family Member

“The entire staff is so welcoming! In addition to taking good care of dad, they make everyone feel very much at home.”

                                                               — Family Member

“We can’t thank you enough for all of your kindness and support. Knowing Aunt Pearl was in such good hands meant a lot. We really appreciate your sitting with her that last night. We were so fortunate to have found you all.

We can’t thank you enough for everything you and your associates did for our aunt, Pearl Leeches. We were truly fortunate to have walked through your doors.”

                                           — Karen and Elva, Family Members

“I want to extend my gratitude to you for all the help and expertise you offered me regarding George’s care. We brought George home, the place he really wanted to be, surrounded by his loved ones. He passed away on Mon., Jan. 30th; he gave me the great privilege of being with his last breath. Blessed be! Thank you Elke; you were present for us in a desperate time.”

                                                        — Betzy, Family Member

“(AgeSong offers) what we all hope for in eldercare services. This safe and beautiful environment, with character and warmth creates a community that feels like home. “

                                                      — Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

“I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and your family and all the staff at Hayes Valley, for making my Mom feel welcome and safe! She seemed so much more relaxed and cognizant as soon as she arrived! Your Mother is an absolute angel! The way she talks and acts towards the  residents, shows she cares so much. Anyway, thank you so much for letting my Mom stay at your facility. We feel very lucky to have found such a staff and place of joy! I’m much more confident that we made the right decision moving her there. Thanks doesn’t seem to express the happiness we feel.”

                                                                  — Dave, Family Member

“I appreciate so much what you did for my mom and me. I saw her today, and I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is safe, content, and feels valued.”

                                                         — Regina, Family Member