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At AgeSong we try to cultivate an attitude that looks at Elders as our teachers, our Wisdomkeepers.

At AgeSong we engage in a relational approach to care – we follow our Elders rather than them following us.

What if we could not wait to be old, like a child can’t wait to be an adult?

From a humanistic point of view life and aging have meaning. 

There is a rarely spoken poem or story of forgetfulness to which AgeSong would like to give voice.

We must embrace Eldership.

At AgeSong we live each day believing the core of being human is based on our ability to give and receive care, to give and receive love. 

Without aging there is no life, without life there is no aging.

At AgeSong we believe in creating engaging environments for learning and growth.

Welcome to AgeSong

AgeSong’s mission is to design and build eldercare communities and manage them from a humanistic, elder-centered perspective. Foundationally, AgeSong conceives of itself as a learning organization. All of us are continually learning, at all times and wherever we are. Learning in an elder community learning of depth, not information; of wisdom, not knowledge. Elders teach us that the world is unknowable, always mysterious.

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Our AgeSong Community

AgeSong WoodPark

Oakland, CA

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The AgeSong WoodPark community is set in a neighborhood of charming single family homes in Oakland’s diverse, evolving Fruitvale district. Our expansive one-story residence offers a warmly decorated, sunlit environment, set within numerous spacious residential wings accommodating 86 residents. The many common rooms and dining areas throughout the building offer inviting gathering places for residents and their guests.


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“My mom, Margaret, has been here a little over 1 year. I’ve been impressed with how much attention and kindness the carepartners-and all staff-have shown my mom. And really appreciate all the varied activities for the residents and family. The music, the crafts, the games-all very engaging and fun. And I appreciate the respect show to the elders- really quite wonderful.” 

                                                            — Dania, Family Member

“My mom Keiko has been with the AgeSong family since 2010, I appreciate all the loving care with attention to detail. If you have a family member in need of assisted living I highly suggest AgeSong. Thank you to all the staff.

PS Malinda Rocks!” 

                                                   — Sincerely, Koji Brimm, Family Member

“I would like to thank all WoodPark staff for taking care of my brother Emmett! He is so happy. And I appreciate everything you’re doing.”

                                   — Sincerely, Joseph James Hardy, Family Member

“I want to also thank you for the excellent care you have provided (and continue to provide) my friend, as well as the other residents at AgeSong. I can highly recommend AgeSong to everyone based upon the excellent care I have observed and from the personal experiences of my friend. Thank you. You have wonderful staff and provide exemplary care and assistance for some very difficult seniors and others with disabilities.”
                                                                — Hadley, Friend of Resident

“I appreciate so much what you did for my mom and me. I saw her today, and I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is safe, content, and feels valued.”

                                                         — Regina, Family Member

I cannot begin to say enough good things about Hayes Valley Care and all the associates working there. My sister has lived there for about 6 years and she has grown to think of everyone there as part of her extended family. She has enjoyed the family atmosphere, activities, outings, and care she experiences at Hayes Valley Care. It gives me great comfort and peace of mind knowing she is happy and taken care of so well. Thank you Hayes Valley Care!

                                                            — Pam, Family Member

“I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and your family and all the staff at Hayes Valley, for making my Mom feel welcome and safe! She seemed so much more relaxed and cognizant as soon as she arrived! Your Mother is an absolute angel! The way she talks and acts towards the residents, shows she cares so much. Anyway, thank you so much for letting my Mom stay at your facility. We feel very lucky to have found such a staff and place of joy! I’m much more confident that we made the right decision moving her there. Thanks doesn’t seem to express the happiness we feel.”

                                                                  — Dave, Family Member

“(AgeSong offers) what we all hope for in eldercare services. This safe and beautiful environment, with character and warmth creates a community that feels like home. “

                                                      — Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

“I want to extend my gratitude to you for all the help and expertise you offered me regarding George’s care. We brought George home, the place he really wanted to be, surrounded by his loved ones. He passed away on Mon., Jan. 30th; he gave me the great privilege of being with his last breath. Blessed be! Thank you Elke; you were present for us in a desperate time.”

                                                        — Betzy, Family Member

“We can’t thank you enough for all of your kindness and support. Knowing Aunt Pearl was in such good hands meant a lot. We really appreciate your sitting with her that last night. We were so fortunate to have found you all.

We can’t thank you enough for everything you and your associates did for our aunt, Pearl Leeches. We were truly fortunate to have walked through your doors.”

                                           — Karen and Elva, Family Members

“The entire staff is so welcoming! In addition to taking good care of dad, they make everyone feel very much at home.”

                                                               — Family Member