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Suzanne Fried, M.A., MFT, Clinical Director, Pacific Institute
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At AgeSong we understand that there is no higher calling then to be a carepartner. Carepartners are called to learn about the timeless and essential traits of being human: compassion, patience, altruism, equanimity, acceptance, mindfulness, kindness, and love. In caring for other human beings, carepartners are deepening their abilities in all of these essential human traits. As such, carepartners, practicing daily their abilities to be selfless and giving, are on the spiritual path of learning to love. Learning to love is understood as the path to union with the divine, the All. For millennia of recorded human writings such a path has been understood by all traditions of the world as the highest possible achievement, what Eastern traditions call enlightenment. In caring for our elders, we consider our carepartners as being on their way to such enlightenment .
Employment at AgeSong
AgeSong is committed to elevating society’s view of our profession. We value the role of caregiving for elders and welcome those with the same view to explore career opportunities with us. For more information about opportunities at AgeSong, please call any of our communities or come in and pick up an application!
Education and Training
Instructors of both the weekly Wednesday afternoon AgeSong Certificate Training for AgeSong Care Partners and Elders Academy Certificate Training for Volunteers, as well as the monthly Elders Academy Friday discussions.
Upcoming topics for the Wednesday afternoon certificate training programs include Validation Theory; Physical Conditioning; Dynamics of Relationship; Therapeutic Training Modules: Therapeutic Skills Application; Preparing for Therapeutic Encounters, Active Listening, Non-verbal Communication; Humanistic Application; Patient Care Ethics and Legalities; Medical Vocabulary 101; Anatomy and Physiology 101; Range of Motion Exercises; Patient Hygiene; Signs of Stroke; Dehydration and Warning Signs; Freedom to Be; Flowing with Resistance; Approaching the Client; Being and Doing; Service Capacity; Expansion of Therapeutic Potential; Exercise and Health; Food and Mood; Facilitation; Relaxation Techniques; Meditation 101; Growth and Change; Self-analysis; Defense Mechanisms; Non-Verbal Communication; Communication With Families; Family Systems; Changes in the Aging Body and Mind; Early Stages of Forgetfulness; and Middle & Late Stages of Forgetfullness.
Internships at AgeSong
Through Pacific Institute, AgeSong Institute provides a unique 1-2 year internship program designed to promote a developmental process in which interns and trainees move into the role of existential facilitator and therapist. This internship is an important stage in the process of becoming a professional therapist, healer, and elder. Interns and trainees are encouraged to take an active role in carrying out the program’s research and educational goals. For more information visit . Download the 2013 Internship application .
AgeSong Certificate Training Program
The AgeSong Certificate Training Program is available  for all AgeSong care partners. Care partners must attend at least 45 out of 50 sessions to receive the certificate. There is no charge for either of these training programs. For more information, contact Sally Gelardin, Enrichment Director, [email protected] .
Elders Academy Volunteer Program
This Elders Academy Certificate Training  Program  for volunteers is held in conjunction with the AgeSong Certificate Training Program every Wednesday at 2:00 pm. In addition to the classroom training, participants meet from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm to go over scheduling and discuss their experiences in the AgeSong  communities.  For more Information, please contact Sally Gelardin, Enrichment Director, [email protected] .
Monthly Elders Academy
Members of the greater Bay Area community, including professionals, staff, students, volunteers and AgeSong elders are welcome to participate in monthly Elders Academy discussions. Past and upcoming presentations include:  Gratitude, Dementia without Drugs,  Stagebridge:  Unleashing the Power of Age, A Literary Cabaret, and much more… CEUs will be provided for Board of Behavioral Science licensed professionals and California registered nurses.For more information, please contact Sally Gelardin, Enrichment Director, [email protected] .
International Visitor Program
The AgeSong Institute International Visitor Program is an opportunity to experience new ways of being with elders that are respectful and honoring.  We look forward to your visit to our beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. While visiting with elders in our communities, you will experience American culture indepth and in exciting ways of looking at American history through the eyes of those who have lived this history. You will do much sightseeing with our elders who will tell you about the rich American heritage of the San Francisco Bay Area. You will have private tour guides to many of the unique landscapes and cultural riches of the Bay Area. From the North Bay with Muir Woods to the South Bay with Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay to the East Bay with Berkeley and Oakland, visitors will return with many experiences and encounters. In addition, you will make friends with our elders and continue to connect with them through the many ways people are able to communicate today. We welcome you to the San Francisco Bay Area and all it has to offer in terms of people and place. During the four-to eight-week program, food will be provided for five days and lodging for seven days a week. Please visit for more information or contact Sally Gelardin, Enrichment Director, [email protected] .
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