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At AgeSong we strive to deepen our awareness of our amazing diversity.

In AgeSong Communities we view later adulthood as a time for learning and growth.

Life is a complete poem, one that has its highpoint with a person’s last stanza or verse.

We need to change the current negative attitudes about the aging process.

At AgeSong we appreciate the diverse ways people with forgetfulness have of communicating.

It is in the small that we can see the beauty of the world.

The poem called ‘my life’ finds its final stanza, its completion, only at the very end of life.

 At AgeSong we strive for a more complex and rich understanding of life and living.

Within AgeSong we work to give equal weight to the psycho-spiritual dimensions of life.

What if we could not wait to be old, like a child can’t wait to be an adult?

AgeSong Services

AgeSong approaches aging from a different perspective, challenging attitudes about aging and elders. While most providers offer a safe environment, nutrition, housekeeping and other basic services, AgeSong approaches each aspect of care as an opportunity to interact. AgeSong celebrates the individual and focuses on community living within a learning environment.

Part of the AgeSong vision is to shift mainstream view of aging from a liability to a resource, and to reestablish the role of eldership in society. Each life is seen in its entirety, and each phase of life builds on those before. The various programs AgeSong has to offer include the flexibility to take the individual’s preferences into account to provide personalized care.

What Makes AgeSong Special?

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The AgeSong WoodPark community provides these services:

  • Private and semi-private residences
  • Homelike environment with resident photographs, keepsakes and family stories
  • Small, friendly, neighborhood setting
  • Pet friendly
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen services
  • Complete apartment maintenance
  • All utilities except phone service, cable and internet
  • Engagement Program with dynamic calendar of classes, activities, professional entertaininment, and outings
  • Scheduled local transportation to local appointments, errands and outings
  • Structured and spontaneous activities specifically tailored to each resident 
  • Senior wellness programs
  • Caring, trained staff available 24 hours per day
  • Coordination with healthcare providers 
  • Gero Wellness Program w/ therapeutic activities
  • Three nutritious, well-balanced chef-prepared family style meals where families and friends are welcome
  • Healthy and delicious snacks available at all times
  • Specialized forgetfulness care for Dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • Daily assurance checks and medication monitoring
  • Ongoing communication with primary care physician, other healthcare professionals and family members
  • 24-hour nursing care support
  • 24-hour emergency call responder
  • Specialized diet preparation (nectar, thick liquid, vegetarian, high protein, etc.)
  • Diabetic care
  • Incontinence care program 
  • Comfort and support services; Hospice
  • Family education and support services

Eldercare (Assisted Living)


AgeSong is the leading eldercare lifestyle provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. AgeSong enables residents to customize their lifestyle based on personal preference, religious affiliation, and medical needs. Care choices range from short-term rehabilitation to permanent residence. AgeSong’s fundamental belief is that through providing elders with the opportunity to live a balanced lifestyle, elders can be who they truly are.

The AgeSong Difference
  • Agesong partners with local organizations to provide elders with a full spectrum of local cultural experiences
  • Agesong includes the local community and families in engagement activities that allow families to participate
  • Engagements are both interactive and narrative to appeal to all type of learning abilities
  • Scheduled and spontaneous events provide the opportunity for both one-on-one interactive and group engagement



Nourishing the physical body with wholesome food options is a critical element of our overall health. Meals are prepared with love, care, and a passion for good taste.

The Agesong Difference
  • Elders are encouraged to participate in meal choices
  • Menus are on a five-week cycle changing seasonally
  • Fresh produce is purchased within 150-mile radius
  • All dietary restrictions can be accommodated (religious affiliation, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.)
  • Low concentration of complex carbohydrates
  • Menus are customized to the resident demographic within each community

Physical and Mental Health


Physical and mental activities are an integral part of living a balanced lifestyle. Each community has a robust engagement and activities calendar to foster the mind, body, and  spirit of the elders in the community.  Visit each community’s page to see the month’s Activities Calendar: AgeSong Communities.

The AgeSong Difference
  • Physical fitness options are scheduled frequently throughout the week
  • Fitness options include walks, yoga, dance/exercise, Feldenkrais movement, hand and shoulder massage, physical and occupational therapy, and brain games
  • Music is incorporated in many of the organized activities
  • Mental health interns engage with the elders one on one and in group programs through the GeroWellness Program

Special Programs


To encourage constant learning we have also incorporated the following into our day-to-day life within the AgeSong communities.

Gerowellness Program

Gerowellness Program interns (Pre-and Post-docs, MFTs, and Integrated Arts students) are matched with individual residents to support the psycho-social development of each elder.  With the support of medical doctors, psychiatrists, and interns, the root causes of physical, psychological or environmental “bad behavior” are uncovered and addressed. For additional information, please contact Alyssa Steiger, Clinical Director, Pacific Institute  at or visit the Gerowellness Program page.

Elders Academy Press

Through partnerships with writers, Elders Academy Press encourages the process of aging with consciousness and thinking toward the possibilities ahead.

Visit Elders Academy Press for our latest publications.

Elders Academy Press is a program of Pacific Institute.

International Visitors Program

In the AgeSong International Visitors Program the visitors join AgeSong residents in group activities, attend training sessions, and become companions for elders when they go on outings. For elders, the program offers a rewarding opportunity to experience new cultures, languages and philosophies. For more info, please contact Nader Shabahangi, at or visit AgeSong’s International Program website.

Volunteer Program

AgeSong’s approach to volunteering is unique. Instead of approaching care as caregivers, AgeSong approaches care as a partner who learns from elders. Volunteers are able to deepen who they are, learning about aging and living in the moment. AgeSong also offers the opportunity to complete an Elders Academy Certificate whose requirements include attending 24 free training sessions, volunteering 50 hrs at an Agesong community within 6 months, and attending 12 hrs of presentations sponsored by AgeSong and Pacific InstituteFor more info, please contact Steven Mattingly, Executive Director at AgeSong WoodPark, at

The Guru Project:

AgeSong has initiated The Guru Project to further investigate the meaning of changes in elders experiencing forgetfulness (often stigmatized as Alzheimers/dementia.) This initiative focuses on comprehensive care partnerships with elders to understand need-driven behaviors and minimize risky use of psychotropic medications. Partners in the Guru Project are; Psychiatrist and Pacific Institute board member Dr. Richard Patel, Geriatrician Dr. Allen Power,  and AgeSong’s founder Dr. Nader Shabahangi. Find out more about Pacific Insitute’s newest program by reading articles  on AgeSong Today about The Guru Project and by viewing videos from recent Guru Project presentations.


My father, Dr. Allan Edelson, has been a resident at Agesong in Hayes Valley since July 2010. I am interested in writing statement about the quality of care he receives because, as a clinical psychologist myself, and also because my dad has now lived in three different assisted living facilities, I recognize how unusual it is for a facility to be so incredibly attuned to their residents’ needs. We have been blown away by the quality of care that my father has received at Agesong.

I should start by saying that, when I was first researching assisted living facilities in the Bay Area, I was a little skeptical after learning that there are several Agesong facilities. I was concerned that it might be not individualized treatment. I was very wrong. My dad has been happier at the Hayes Valley Care facility than he has at any other facility he has lives at; and, frankly, happier than he has been in about 5 years. The funny thing about dementia is that general quality of life can have dramatic effects on symptomatology; before coming to Agesong, my dad was on daily medicine because of relatively frequent aggressive outbursts due to his disease. Currently, he has been off that medicine for several months, as the aggression has, for the most part, dissipated. The staff at Agesong are caring, mellow, and involved. They all know and love “Dr. Allan” and it is lovely to see how excited he is to see them when we come back from an excursion. The treatment is very individualized and very positive, rather than being punitive or cookie-cutter. Rather than seeing my father as “a man with Alzheimers,” they choose to see him as a funny, loving, and intelligent guy who loves music and chocolate.

The activities that the residents take part in are fun and challenging, and they have interns who are involved in the patient care. One of the most important aspects to their care model is its flexibility; rather than requiring their residents to adhere to their schedule and their model, they adapt quickly to the intricacies and particularities or each resident, which, for someone with memory problems, is incredibly important and reassuring. We have had good experiences with staff, who do their best to respond quickly and reasonably to any concerns or questions we have.

The Hayes Valley facility is in a fun neighborhood, which makes it easy for me to come and take dad out to lunch or dinner on a regular basis. All in all, we find Hayes Valley Care to be an exceptional assisted living facility. Have toured most of the facilities in the Bay Area (and having removed my father from 2 due to not being happy with the quality of care) it is such a relief to find one that we like so much. I highly recommend this facility, and am so happy to have found it.

                                        – Naomi Edelson, Psy.D., Family Member