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Untitled Document
"Music Together":
Tuesday's Music is Jammin' with Ami at AgeSong

A N   U N I N T E N D E D   G I F T

Snehal Shah, December 2011

I am constantly touched by the interaction I have with an elder. Every time I am around him I learn something new and undiscovered about myself. He may not always remember my name, my title, or my place in his life. What he remembers is that I am a presence in his life that allows him to reflect and teach about the beautiful aspects of himself. I lent him the Tao te Ching once, and every time I see him he tells me how many things he learned and how much the book has meant to him. What an enlightened mind he has, that has already actualized many of the lessons hidden in the spiritual text. It is such an inspiration to see someone so touched by what we deem to be small and insignificant. A chance event where I was holding a book and gave it to someone with no expectations, has created such a wonderful relationship. 

An excerpt from the book Encounter of the Real Kind – Musings, poetry, stories about elders, forgetfulness and life.

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