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Untitled Document
AgeSong Livin' -- An Afternoon Visiting in the AgeSong Forget-Me-Not Cafe

T H E   C R O W N

Cassandra Wolff, August 2011

For my first drama group, I brought in some items for the participants to hold in their hands and guess what they were—one of these was a large gold crown. After guessing, the crown was passed around the group as I asked what each of them would like to be as king or queen for the day. When the crown reached my new friend, he traced his finger over the tops and said that it looked like a bridge, our bridge. "It starts out as one but then you see its many parts of one whole. These ups and downs are like life—like reality. Like constant reality." He looked to me to take my answer and I named him the king of our constant reality.

An excerpt from the book Encounter of the Real Kind – Musings, poetry, stories about elders, forgetfulness and life.

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