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The AgeSong Experience — excerpts from Encounter of the Real Kind, book II — Musings, poetry, & stories about forgetfulness and life from AgeSong Interns.

A N   U N I N T E N D E D   G I F T

Snehal Shah, December 2011

I am constantly touched by the interaction I have with an elder. Every time I am around him I learn something new and undiscovered about myself. He may not always remember my name, my title, or my place in his life. What he remembers is that I am a presence in his life that allows him to reflect and teach about the beautiful aspects of himself. I lent him the Tao te Ching once, and every time I see him he tells me how many things he learned and how much the book has meant to him. What an enlightened mind he has, that has already actualized many of the lessons hidden in the spiritual text. It is such an inspiration to see someone so touched by what we deem to be small and insignificant. A chance event where I was holding a book and gave it to someone with no expectations, has created such a wonderful relationship.

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AgeSong, www.agesong.com, is the leading eldercare lifestyle provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. AgeSong enables residents to customize their lifestyle based on personal preference, religious affiliation, and medical needs. Care choices range from short-term rehabilitation to permanent residence. AgeSong's fundamental belief is that through providing elders with the opportunity to live a balanced lifestyle, elders can be who they truly are. In paying attention to the needs of the individual and of the community, AgeSong offers complete lifestyle options including balanced-nutritional-selections, mental-health and physical fitness programs, engagement activities, and continued learning and teaching opportunities.
Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, AgeSong serves over 200 residents through its four communities and continues to lead the industry with second-to-none eldercare in areas including assisted living, ADL care (activities of daily living) Dementia/Alzheimers (forgetfulness), and high acuity care. All AgeSong communities are licensed by the department of social services. RCFE Licence Numbers: Hayes Valley 385600373, Laguna Grove 385600372, University 385600402, WoodPark 019200514.
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