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What can an elder bring with them to AgeSong?

Elders are encouraged to bring personal items to personalize their room. Small furniture, clothes, memorabilia (photo’s (preferably plexiglass framed pictures)), a computer, a television, etc. can be brought to the community. We do prohibit sharp items like knives and all medication has to be registered with the nurse.

What medical conditions are prohibited?

AgeSong communities are continuously improving care and resources. To inquire if a specific medical condition can be accommodated for, please contact Colleen Collins by phone at (415) 715-4268 or by email at

When does AgeSong require payment, and how are payments made?

Payments should be made by check and are due on the 1st of the month. Additional payments options may be made available in the future. To stay current on new developments, please contact Colleen Collins by phone at (415) 715-4268 or by email at

What type of person lives at AgeSong?

AgeSong residents come from all backgrounds and have varying abilities and interest. AgeSong does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religious preference, or sexual orientation.

I would like to move my family member in, what is the next step?

Make an appointment with the Community Outreach and Education representative to visit the AgeSong communities to get a sense of the environment, people, services, and engagement opportunities. 

Can you accommodate couple’s?

Absolutely. Couple’s get the best of both worlds at AgeSong, both to live with their mate and to live in a social environment. They can share a room.

Does AgeSong allow temporary stays?

Yes, several health conditions can result in the need for temporary assistance to encourage a positive outlook and properly heal. AgeSong communities have partnerships with occupational and physical therapists, spiritual advisors, hospice care providers, and other related professionals. Many of our partners provide their services within the communities, resulting in less outside doctor visits.

Does AgeSong provide personal grooming services?

AgeSong’s communities offer several opportunities to obtain various grooming services. Services offered include: hair cutting, manicure’s and pedicure’s, etc.. To learn more about upcoming service(s) being offered visit the specific community, visit that communities specific activities calendar.

Is there a program to help a resident’s transition to living in the community?

Moving at any stage in life can be a stressful and an uncomfortable transition. Maintenance staff available at every community to help with the physical aspects of moving (small furniture, picture hanging, tv set up, etc.). AgeSong’s introductory paperwork allows for personal interest information to be shared. This information is used to add a personal touch to the community an elder has moved into, ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible. For example if a favorite movie listed is “Gone With The Wind”, that movie would be included it in the rotation of group movie night.

Are pets allowed in the communities?

AgeSong recognizes the enjoyment and companionship pets provide for their owners. Pets are welcome if approved by the Executive Director prior to move in. Residents wishing to have pets must sign and abide by the policies in the Pet Agreement. For more information on pets contact the Executive Director of the community the elder currently wishes to live in.