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Our AgeSong Community at WoodPark

AgeSong WoodPark

Oakland, CA

The AgeSong WoodPark community is set in a neighborhood of charming single family homes in Oakland’s diverse, evolving Fruitvale district. Our expansive one-story residence offers a warmly decorated, sunlit environment, set within numerous spacious residential wings accommodating 86 residents. The many common rooms and dining areas throughout the building offer inviting gathering places for residents and their guests.

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The AgeSong Approach

The residential care programs at AgeSong offer a different approach to eldercare by integrating our inner community with our outer surroundings, and by offering residents encouragement, support, and opportunities for growth.  AgeSong’s high needs assisted living, and dementia care programs encourage both learning and community involvement.

Behind the AgeSong vision of a more respectful eldercare and the reintegration of elders into our communities lies the hope that the experiences and wisdom of elders will inform and guide those who are younger in years. AgeSong WoodPark’s community has been established with this approach.

What Makes AgeSong Special?

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From Assisted Living to Community Living

Learning Campus

Programs and approaches combine research and educational principles with techniques that residents and family members have taught us about dementia care – a truly individualized experience. AgeSong offers a variety of educational, cultural, and social programs.


AgeSong uses natural materials, light, color, and sound to support health and healing. AgeSong’s comfortable ambience is enlivened by the spirited attitudes of our staff, residents, students, volunteers, interns, and family members.


AgeSong is continually adapting to residents’ newfound needs. AgeSong’s comprehensive care coordination supports even the most challenging activities of daily living, allowing elders to feel secure and at home.


An indiividuals’ own attitude about aging affect how we see our elders and ourselves. AgeSong promotes the idea and practice of embracing aging. AgeSong encourages people to be who they are, at any age.


AgeSong’s resident population is ethnically and culturally diverse, as is the staff. Many of our carepartners are multilingual.  AgeSong does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, or disability.


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“I want to also thank you for the excellent care you have provided (and continue to provide) my friend, as well as the other residents at AgeSong. I can highly recommend AgeSong to everyone based upon the excellent care I have observed and from the personal experiences of my friend. Thank you. You have wonderful staff and provide exemplary care and assistance for some very difficult seniors and others with disabilities.”
   — Hadley, Friend of Resident